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Data Work Group

Chair: Rachel Dyer

Next Work Group Meeting

Date Time Location Call In #
July 10, 2015 9:30 - 11am Dept. of Labor
Commerce Center
45 Commerce Dr
Frances Perkins Room

Work Group Minutes
  • Agenda 6/13/14                              Word   
  • Minutes 6/13/14                              Word
  • Agenda and Minutes 01/10/14   Word    PDF
  • Agenda and Minutes 12/13/13       Word    PDF
Work Group Materials

       Data Work Group Letter to Commissioners (9/14)  PDF     Word

       Data Work Group Memo re Nature of Data (9/14)  PDF    Word

       Excerpts from State MOUs (9/14)                         PDF    Word

  • Data Work Group Charter 03/27/14    Word   PDF
  • Data Work Group Project Definition     Word    PDF
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