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Coalition Members
(Current as of April 4, 2014)





Maine Department of Labor

Betsy Hopkins

Disability Rights Center

Rick Langley

Maine APSE

Debbie Gilmer

Speaking Up for Us (SUFU)

Tyler Ingalls

Maine Manufacturers Association

Maine Association of Community Service Providers

Linda Larue-Keniston

Iris Network

Jim Phipps

Alpha One

Brad Strause

Center for Community Inclusion & Disability Studies

Janet May

Maine Department of Education

Jan Breton

Deaf, Hard of Hearing Late Deafened Individual

Sitara Sheikh

NAMI Maine

Elaine Ecker

Vocational Clubhouse

Lisa Soucie

Maine Department of Health & Human Services

Lisa Sturtevant

Maine Developmental Disabilities Council

Rachel Dyer

Consumer Council System of Maine

Simonne Maline

Maine Business Leadership Network

Joyce LaRoche

Commission on Disability & Employment

Mel Clarrage

State Rehabilitation Advisory Council, Vocational Rehabilitation

J. Richardson Collins

State Rehabilitation Advisory Council, Div. for the Blind & Visually Impaired

Kelly Osborn

State Independent Living Council

Mike McClellan

Certified Rehabilitation Professional

Gail Fanjoy

Parent of Individual with a Disability

John Allen

Parent of Individual with a Disability

Bari-Sue McKenzie

Other Elected Member

Avery Olmstead

Other Elected Member

Christine Robinson

Other Elected Member

Jeanie Coltart

Other Elected Member

Karen Fraser

Other Elected Member

Christine McKenzie

Other Elected Member

Kim Moody

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